Will you invest in community, families and a vibrant Hardwick?

A Great Town Deserves A Great Library!

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Why Support the Project?

A community space for everyone

  • Forges friendships around shared interests.
  • Introduces accessibility for every patron.
  • Provides space and opportunity for new programs.
  • Offers areas for both quiet reading & interactive activities.
  • Allows building our library collections in a slow & sustainable manner.
  • Adds useable space to our historic 120 year-old library.
  • Provides good books to read & reference assistance for job searches, legal issues, health & wellness, technology questions & countess other topics.

A commitment to our children and families

  • Creates opportunities for children to read, explore & learn together.
  • Includes welcoming & safe areas for teens to do homework and connect.
  • Allows for flexible arrangements to suit every learning opportunity.
  • Demonstrates our commitment to nurturing our children and families.
  • Provides ample interactive space for crafts, workshops & performances.
  • Helps integrate new technologies in healthy and interactive ways.
  • Creates lifelong memories of exploration and discovery in a beautiful setting.

A crucial anchor for our downtown and a draw for visitors

  • Establishes a vibrant & welcoming “gateway” to our town.
  • Provides clear evidence of our commitment to growth & development.
  • Draws visitors who will then patronize other businesses.
  • Helps improves property values & encourages home buying.
  • Provides outdoor performance & gathering space.
  • Builds a legacy for future generations of Hardwick residents.