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Survey in April 2016

The Vermont Council on Rural Development visited Hardwick in early 2016 to encourage and support our community effort to review major issues facing us, develop priorities and organize for action. More than 150 people attended the sessions and voted on the top four priorities for Hardwick's future.

One of the the top four priorities was to expand the Jeudevine. The first step was to form a task force to help get it done.

The first action of the Task Force in conjunction with the Library Trustees was to put out a survey in April 2016 to gather information on what community members feel is needed for the library addition.

Using a combination of paper and web site surveys, 146 people shared their ideas and opinions with the the Task Force. There were lots of good ideas, and some common themes emerged from the survey results. Overwhelmingly, people are asking for more books at the library. Other areas that garnered the most interest included having more space when using the computers, and having separate space for a children’s room and for a quiet, adult reading room. Community meeting rooms, more movies for checkout, and more programs also received a lot of interest.

Improvements desired in facilitiesImprovements desired in facilities

Improvements desired in operationsImprovements desired in operations

Uses of the Jeudevine in April 2013Uses of the Jeudevine in April 2013


Many respondents added comments about what they would like to see as the library moves forward. In addition to the above items, making the library accessible and improving the bathroom were recurring themes. Several people expressed concern over caring for the existing building to ensure that the current architectural gem is maintained.