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A Great Town Deserves A Great Library!

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How Do We Compare to Other Libraries?

Compared to other Vermont libraries in towns the size of Hardwick (roughly 3000 residents),

  • The average percentage of residents registered at other libraries is 50%. In Hardwick, almost 75% of Hardwick residents are registered.
  • The average square footage of the libraries is 3,352 square feet. In Hardwick, the JML is only 987 square feet.
  • The average library contains almost 5 books per resident. In Hardwick, the JML has less than books per resident (no room for more).
  • Number of items received via Interlibrary Loan from other libraries—because the JML didn't have them in its collection—is nearly twice that of other towns the size of Hardwick.

This means

  • Demand for library services in Hardwick is well above average for a town our size.
  • We don't have enough books or other collections for a town the size of Hardwick.
  • We can't get more books, because we don't have any more room for them.

The proposed addition adds approximately 3,215 sf of finished space to the existing building.

In 2016, among the 37 libraries serving Caledonia, Orleans and Lamoille counties, the Jeudevine ranked

  • 6th in reference requests per resident
  • 8th in average number of computer users per week
  • 10th in population served
  • 11th in programs attended per resident

But we were 

  • 27th in library square footage per resident (the lowest of those libraries reporting square footage).

And so, we were

  • 13th in books circulated per resident
  • 14th in visits per resident
  • 14th in number of books in the library
  • 20th in number of books per resident

What do these figures mean?

We don't have the space to do the job our community deserves.