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Jeudevine Task Force

Task Force Created

The Vermont Council on Rural Development visited Hardwick in early 2016 to encourage and support our community effort to review major issues facing us, develop priorities and organize for action. More than 150 people attended the sessions and voted on the top four priorities for Hardwick's future.

One of the the top four priorities was to expand the Jeudevine. The first step was to form a task force to help get it done.

Survey in April 2016

The first action of the Task Force, in conjunction with the Library Trustees and staff, was to put out a survey in April 2016 to gather information on what community members feel is needed for the library addition.

The survey results confirmed what the Council on Rural Development process earlier had concluded: the citizens of Hardwick use the library, and demand for expanded facilities and services is high.

You can view a summary of the survey results here.


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