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We have NO SPACE FOR COMMUNITY MEETINGS OR GROUP PROGRAMS. The small children's room is the only space we have for meetings. Only a handful of people can attend a meeting there, and then not during open hours. 

There are NO QUIET AREAS AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN'S AREA for individual study, reading, contemplation or recharging. There's NO SPACE FOR TEENS AT ALL to gather after school to enjoy conversation, reading or participating in important learning activities.

We don't have enough SPACE FOR CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS, which limits the number of active kids who can participate. We must hold story time or other children's programs when the library is closed to the public, outside--but only if weather permits--or somewhere away from the library.

There is NO ACCESSIBILITY for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Even though many seniors or people with limited mobility may love the library, they cannot access it because of the front door stairs. The only restroom is totally inaccessible in the basement down a narrow, circular stairway. Not meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) disqualifies us for many grants and private funding for community-based programming, restoration or continued maintenance of the existing building.

LACK OF SPACE LIMITS OUR LIBRARY COLLECTIONS. To make room for something new, we often must replace something we already have.

We do not have ENOUGH LIBRARY COMPUTERS. The daily demand for computer access far exceeds the number of computers available, but we have no space to add more. We cannot separate use of computers by adults, teens and children. We also lack adequate space and furnishings to accommodate those who bring their own computers to access our broadband Internet.

THE STAFF CANNOT WORK EFFICIENTLY. Their two administrative areas, both inflexible and crowded, do not allow staff to easily monitor patrons in the library. Staff must frequently rearrange the space in the children's wing to provide room for children's activities or adult use of the only table in the library. Lack of space also limits our ability to use volunteers.