Will you invest in community, families and a vibrant Hardwick?

A Great Town Deserves A Great Library!

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Do you think just a few people use the Jeudevine? Think again!

During 2015-16...

There were

  • 11,733 visits to the library (an increase of 383% since 2000).
  • 2,969 library computer users
  • 900 people using our WI-fi with their own computers, plus many more after hours.
  • Over 2,000 folks who enjoyed our programs (a 2,645% increase in 15 years despite a population decrease of 570 residents).
  • 14,103 items circulated from our collections.

The three staff answered 1,181 reference questions, helping people get jobs or needed services, train on technology & much more.

We offered 169 programs (an increase of 5,533% percent since 2000).

Patrons downloaded or used 1,717 audio, eBooks or databases.

Our patrons rely on the JML as an important source of information in their lives. Click here to see some of the information we provide. 

These figures show the sometimes hidden but amazingly vital role the Library plays in our town of just under 3,000 people.

Click here to see what the American Library Association thinks our services to Hardwick were worth last year.

And click here to see how our library stacks up against other libraries in Vermont.

Visiting the library is something so important that those who are not disabled will willingly

  • squeeze into our building
  • wait in line
  • sit on the floor
  • try to shut out the noise of too many people in too small a space
  • sit outside under an umbrella in the rain or on the entryway in the snow
  • or come back later, again and again, day after day.

We believe these loyal patrons and our town deserve a library accessible to all with enough space to make visiting it a welcome highlight of the day.

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