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The Jeudevine Project includes an energy-efficient addition, a new outdoor public space and renovation of the original Jeudevine Memorial Library (JML). The 2-story addition sits at a lower level south of JML, so it doesn't detract from the architectural significance of the JML.

The public terraces will be a gathering space for concerts, programs, hanging out or reading in the sun, and a great place to sit while watching the Memorial Day parade every year. A modest-looking connector joins and provides a new main entrance to both buildings. The gentle slope of the walk from Church Street to the main entrance provides single-level access to the library by patrons with disabilities or limited mobility.

The connector joins JML at the back and includes room for a staff office and a new circulation desk. In this preliminary concept, the connector provides Hardwick youth with a space of their own.

The connector meets JML in a section of the back wall without lower windows. No existing windows in JML are affected by the new addition.

The slope of the ground creates seating of various heights on the front terraces to enable all ages and sizes to sit comfortably.

This view shows how the new addition relates to JML.

The room to the north of the JML front door will once again be the adult reading room, a quiet area for reading. The children’s collection and programming will move to a larger space in the addition.

The adult reading room will contain most of the adult collection. Those who bring their own computers will have more space to set up comfortably.

The south half of the original JML building will hold fewer stacks, thereby being accessible to those with disabilities or limited mobility.

A large doorway under the high windows in the west wall of the JML leads to the addition.

The connector becomes the new main entrance with the circulation desk opposite the front door. This location allows current staff to effectively monitor the entire library and finally provides sufficient room to accommodate volunteers.

This view looks down the connector from the doorway into the JML. It shows how the circulation desk sits in the middle of the entire space.

The new office for the library director is to the right of the circulation desk.

To the right of the library director’s office is a space for a variety of uses.

In this preliminary design, the young adult/teen area is in the connector, separate from both the adult and children’s areas.

The upper level of the new addition contains two open areas. Between them is a hallway with an accessible bathroom, a lift and a circular stairway to the lower level. A gate on the circular staircase prevents children from using the stairs without supervision. In this preliminary design, the front (east) end of the upper level is a flexible space with ample room for computers, comfortable chairs, and tables for meeting or study.

In this preliminary design, the rear (west) end of the new upper level provides flexible space for the children’s collection and activity space, easily monitored from the circulation desk.

The new addition is open and light, with flexible rearrangement possible to meet the changing needs of the Next Hundred Years.

The lower level of the new addition connects to the lower level of the JML through a corridor under the the connector. This corridor and the lift in the addition allow staff to access both levels and the mechanical systems in both buildings without using stairs.

The lower level offers two open areas, separated by a hallway with an accessible bathroom and the lift to the upper level. The finished front half of the lower level is a community meeting room. An outside door at ground level allows access to this area even when the library is closed.

The rear half of the lower level in the addition will remain unfinished for the time being, available for storage, future expansion or other uses.

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